Prettyboy D-O “Wildfire” Is A Precedent in The Nigerian Experimental Sub-genre Alté

Prettyboy D-O - Wildfire
Photo Cred: @obidinzeribe via instagram

Gather your music gear and get ready to be taken by surprise into the wilderness of originality with the flaming hot album “Wildfire” by Nigerian artist Prettyboy D-O. Stripped away from any artistic bigotry and the clutch of society, you will be dancing freely under the oriole of passionate Afrobeats, not afraid to step into the fire of joy.

The album might not sound like anything you have heard before. The reason is that the songs embody a brand new genre – Alté, which Prettyboy D-O has overtaken since 2014-2016, and has made a name for himself within the scene. Alté originates in Nigeria and relies heavily on digital platforms to popularize the style and its native artists amongst the worldwide music diaspora. The term stands for alternative and is hard to define, because of its experimental character.

Prettyboy D-O’s artistic compilation released on 19th June 2020 takes on the elaborate interplay of genres, such as R&B, hip-hop, and funk, with the core beat being Afro-Caribbean. Odunsi, Santi, and Zamir are some of the pioneers in the genre, whose tracks heavily reference the R&B style. While “Wildfire” does feature a few tracks which showcase adept rapping such as “Odeshi” and “Waka”, the Nigerian Alté virtuoso stirs away from what has already been done recently and dives deeper into the roots of African music. Prettyboy D-O immortalizes a genre which despite its novel popularization has been going around since the 1060s, marking the experimental musical endeavors of the Africans.

Traditional African drum rhythms monumentalize the authentic feel of the tracks featured in the album. While relishing the warm touch of the fire in the forest we are taken on a wild journey of lascivious beats and emotions ranging from the slow sensual flow of “Balula” and “Same Energy” to the dancehall-ready “Reality” which incorporates elements of South African house. The most distinguished song in the compilation has to be “Wetin You Smoke”, with its catchy and moving beat achieved by the commemorative four-to-the-floor beat paired with African percussion.

All of the tracks in the album complement each other in order to recreate that authentic feel and present us with colorful lenses to peak through the roots of Alté, while subtly wavering through modern influences. While his previous work of art “Everything Pretty” had a more contemporary R&B-inspired vibe to it, “Wildfire” is a precedent in Prettyboy D-O’s artistic discovery. The album truly affirms the legacy of the experimental character of Alté and emanates loudly the voice of the alternative youths of Nigeria. Something which even the big names in the genre have not yet dared to achieve.

Stream “Wildfire” by Prettyboy D-O:

Watch his recent visualizers for “Wetin You Smoke” and “Odeshi” below:



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