Cruel Santino Takes Us On a Kaleidoscopic Trip in “End Of The Wicked”

Cruel Santino - End of the Wicked
photo via instagram by @adeudo
From the pool of the eclectic style and genre-bending genius of Cruel Santino emerges the artist’s latest single titled “End of the Wicked” featuring Octavian. Totally true to his idiosyncratic mode of artistry, the track takes us on a kaleidoscopic trip through wavelengths of sonic pleasure and rapt lyrics with a wicked touch.

“I pasted the tab in my tongue and the woman were talking they turn into demons” figuratively sums up the creative intent of the single. It is through intense visual narration inspired by Nollywood and the occult that Cruel Santino emanates his musical envisioning. In the “End of the Wicked” video, the Nigerian artist goes for the ‘wicked nun’ imagery. Although the video relies on the semantics of a static image, the rich narration is achieved by strong vocal effects and sound layering fused in perfect synergy. What really stands out is the intricate interplay between the soothing melody, the syncopated drum beats, and the harmonized vocals, resulting in a luscious musical texture.

“End of the Wicked” definitely takes the artist’s mastery up a notch. The single proudly takes its place amongst the musician’s most favored tracks such as “Sparky” and “Freaky”, while unfolding yet another layer of his musical wizardry. I can’t wait to see what else Cruel Santino has to offer from his marvelous repertoire.

Stream “End of the Wicked”:


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