Interview with Blue Nightmare: Light Dreams and Dark Nightmares Mix in Sound

Blue Nightmare

What we all need more of in these shaky times is artistic dexterity that epitomizes the struggles and feelings of everyone. Luckily, the Miami-based musician Blue Nightmare comes to rescue our earning souls. His latest trilogy “Quaranthree” illustrates our puzzled emotions and veiled desires, while intricately playing with the possibilities of sound.

But it is not only his hit “Quaranthree” that emblematizes Blue Nightmare. In fact, he is an early starter in the music industry and has already made a name for himself and reached a dear following. It is needless to say that Blue Nightmare is a natural at his musical craft. He merges his talents for singing-songwriting, rapping, producing, and dancing throughout his whole repertoire with such an ease that leaves us in awe.

Let’s dive into the kaleidoscopic mixology of Blue Nightmare’s life path, artistic envisioning, and future aspirations.

UF: What sparked up the musical flame in your life and how did you decide to transcend that fire professionally?

BN: My earliest memory of the moment that flame in me got sparked was when I was 6 years old. My uncle gifted my older brother and me the “FutureSex/LoveSounds” CD by Justin Timberlake and it made me fall in love with music. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I was instantly captivated by all these innovative sounds used, ranging from strings, a bağlama, and many other things. That album was one of the defining moments of my childhood, especially the moment I heard “What Goes Around/Comes Around”. Coming from a Haitian family, I was also brought up on kompa, and later on, in my childhood, I found out about rock, RnB, rap, electronic music, and other genres. I started to make beats in 6th grade for a funny reason: I thought nobody was making the melodies I was thinking of, but then I stopped. Afterwards in 8th to 10th grade, I started to take it more seriously simply because I had a passion for it. I always try to dabble in every genre, take the things I like from each one, and incorporate that in my work so that the flame never dies down.

UF: Your music has such an intricate vibe to it. How would you describe your unique sound and artistic vision?

BN: I appreciate the compliment. I would definitely describe my sound as the fine line between light and dark. I have an affinity for contrast in many ways and people who always stepped outside the box: some of my friends have opposite personalities, but we still connect somehow and that interests me. I also feel like I have a bright side & dark side (and many other different sides of me) so I try to incorporate these sides of me in my music. I am an ever-changing and constantly evolving person so that naturally shows in the content I create. It could show up as a bright beat with dark lyrics, a chill beat with hard drums, a dark beat with bright sounds in between, a video with bright colors but dark undertones, etc.

Quaranthree by Blue NightmareUF: How does your latest trilogy “Quaranthree” tie together with the current pandemic situation?

BN: I tried to make it represent how I think people would feel at that moment in quarantine since it was something that was new and we were just starting to get used to it. I would imagine many people (especially at my age) would feel captivated, trapped, and would want to get out of the house for anything, no matter the reason. I also wanted to give the people something to listen to and help them through these hard times, as well.

UF: How do you see yourself developing as an artist in the future? What is your most heartfelt goal?

BN: Well, my most heartfelt goal ever since I started making music was to add value and create any type of impact in the world, plus create an impact on anyone who listens to my music or even knows me personally. I always feel like if I can’t add some type of value to anyone’s life, I don’t feel like I’m doing my job as a friend, family member, artist, etc. So I am always set on the fact that I need to make a change with my music, and I am.

Blue NightmareAnd with that, we want to thank Blue Nightmare for taking the time to speak to us and unravel pieces of his tender soul and musical legacy. You are making a change!

Stream “Quaranthree” by Blue Nightmare out now on all streaming platforms! [Must Listen]

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