The Blue-haired Queen IDEH Releases New Single “Sensitive”

IDEH - Sensitive
Photo Cred: @kimbxley via Instagram

Sylvia Ideh is the blue-haired R&B and Soul queen hailing from East London (Essex) to overwhelm the hearts of many. Her artistic name is as eccentric as a ‘holiday’ without the ‘hol’, and her voice is as delicate and sensual as her latest single “Sensitive”.

The song is reminiscent of an emotional autobiography of the sultry-sounding and voluptuous-looking artist. IDEH sings “Nigerian star, London heart” to describe her origin and free-spirited personality under the tactile rhythm which bears a tinge of the Nigerian experimental style Alté. We hear it in the subtle Afro-Caribbean beat achieved by syncopated drums and smoothly blended with a contemporary R&B vibe.

IDEH appeared on the musical scene in 2014 with her hit “The One” and is quickly gaining prominence. It is fair to say that music is running in her blood because she has participated in a gospel choir throughout her teenage years and has studied sound engineering. We are excited to see how the blue-haired queen is going to manifest her evident talent.

Stream “Sensitive” by IDEH:

Watch the visualizer for “Sensitive”:


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