Wednesday, May 27, 2020

DISCLAIMER: Submission to Urban Flaiire does NOT guarantee posting or any type of coverage.

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Submission Types:

  1. “Standard” submissions to Urban Flaiire does NOT guarantee posting on Urban Flaiire or any type of coverage on it’s media channels. If we like what we hear or see, we will post it and share it.
  2. “Premium” submissions to Urban Flaiire will be posted on the site. “Premium” will include the write up you provide in your submission description, a spot in our weekly email blast to over 400 subscribers, and a 2 day precision-targeted, fully managed ad campaign to help drive engagement, boost brand awareness & increase visibility.

A “standard” submission to Urban Flaiire doesn’t guarantee posting or any type of coverage on its media channels. Urban Flaiire takes careful consideration into the content published and reserves the right to not post any submissions. By submitting content to Urban Flaiire you are giving Urban Flaiire the right to use, post, publish or distribute submitted content at our discretion. In the case of sponsored post, your payment will be refunded if your promotion is not accepted.

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