Blue Nightmare

Interview with Blue Nightmare: Light Dreams and Dark Nightmares Mix in Sound

What we all need more of in these shaky times is artistic dexterity that epitomizes the struggles and feelings of everyone. Luckily, the Miami-based...

Loveeqnx’s “3am” Is The Equinox of Desire

Good poetry is written in the early hours of the night. The same goes for good songwriting. “3am” is the endowed child of the...
M.U.L.A - Off The Porch

M.U.L.A & TyVisions Collab To Bring Us Fire Visuals For “Off The Porch” [MUST...

Dropping a two-pack of new heat, rapper M.U.L.A releases his latest single “Off The Porch”. The two-pack entitled "Pair of Aces" also comes with...
Nas - King's Disease Album Review

Nas Further Solidifies His Legacy With New Album “King’s Disease”

Nasir Jones. Where to begin? Many rap fans love to create their own “Top 5 Dead Or Alive” lists, and Nas is a name...
Drama Relax - 90's

Drama Relax Drops Nostalgic Vibe with Latest Single “90’s”

Interscope signed artist Drama Relax proves the crown is heavy with his latest release “90’s”. While putting together a mellow vibe to this smooth...