JUS Shows Off His Glamorous Life In His ‘Blues’ Music Video

JUS Shows Off His Glamorous Life In His ‘Blues’ Music Video
Photo by Ben Carranza

If you’ve got money, you flaunt it. Let the world know. That’s what JUS sets out to do in his latest video. JUS shows off his glamorous life in his ‘Blues’ music video, living life to the fullest and showing off all he’s got.

There are two sides to the ‘Blues’ music video; the most apparent one is the fun side. Throughout the video, JUS is pictured vibing out around town as he sings his song. He goes around from the boardwalk to the hills, even getting a little risqué as he dances with some older women, “I might just date your mom” emblazoned across the bottom in a subtle yet challenging way. You can’t flaunt what you’ve got if you’re not being a bit upfront, too.

The other side of the video is the aesthetic side. There are a bunch of shots that are surrounded by drone shots of the oceans or hills, reversed so the top is mirrored from the bottom. One of the first shots captures a really beautiful shot of the ocean with some yachts floating about. Drone shots give the video some nice visuals to vibe with, complimenting the chill vibe of the song as well. He even finds a creative way of flaunting himself even more, with the shot where he’s in the middle of a split sea shot as if he were Jesus. There’s a bunch of great stuff going on throughout this video, visually and thematically. Even the very vibe of the video matches the message.

JUS shows off his glamorous life in his ‘Blues’ music video, topping off his flamboyant style with loads of awesome shots and fun moments. On top of showing what he’s got, he has fun with filming the video too, which is where the video really shines.

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