Passport General Tells His Brother’s Story In Powerful ‘08a2942’ Video

Passport General Tells His Brother’s Story In Powerful ‘08a2942’ Video
Photo via Passport General 'Everyday' music video.

Music videos may have fallen out of the limelight, but they continue to tell powerful stories all the same. Passport General tells his brother’s story in the powerful ‘08a2942’ video, detailing his crime and the hardships that ensued right after.

The story of ‘08a2942’ begins where it ends: in the aftermath of the crime. After an interesting move in reversing through the video, the song starts at the roots of the problem. The video shows Passport General’s older brother – portrayed by Passport General himself – gets into a fight with someone else, the first scene introducing the tension between groups as the two men go at each other. They’re eventually split up by their friends and family, and we get a more intimate look at both parties.

The end of the video climaxes when Passport General’s brother encounters the guy he had a fight with while at the movies and a shooting ensues. He misses and ends up shooting the other man’s girlfriend, leaving the video off where it started. By sharing this video, Passport General gives an inside look on the cycle of violence in small communities like the one he comes from. As much as Passport is telling a personal story in this video, he’s also sharing the woes of countless other families that have gone through similar experiences. He knows there’s a problem within these communities, and he wants to see it fixed. That’s the real message of the ‘08a2942’ video.

Passport General tells his brother’s story in the powerful ‘08a2942’ video, revealing both the intrinsic problems of violence amongst African Americans as well as the importance of family. The song title itself – ‘08a2942’ – is his brother’s inmate number. Passport General gives a powerful, first-hand account of this traumatic time, and leaves you off hoping for a change in the world.

’08a2942′ is the last song off his recently released EP, ‘Newport 2’, which is the follow up to ‘Newport’, an EP he released earlier in the year. Stream ‘Newport 2’ here.

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