Loveeqnx’s “3am” Is The Equinox of Desire

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Good poetry is written in the early hours of the night. The same goes for good songwriting. “3am” is the endowed child of the night spirits who whisper creative whim, ritualistic Poetica, and something more.

3am is also the time when lucrative creatures such as lust, desire, and erotica slowly make their way into our hearts and enchanted minds. When heartfelt Poetica and unfelt erotica meet, they sparkle up into a sensual musical masterpiece, as is “3am”.

The Las Vegas-based artist has only given us a sneak peek into the acoustic version of the song, with the original due to be released within the next few months. But it is the acoustic dexterity that unfolds the layers of vocal temptation, eerie sound arrangements, and discernable verses soaked in emotion. Loveeqnx paints with her nymph-like voice the equinox of desire: “Caress me with your eyes, let our universes collide, paint me with your fingertips, I’d do anything to kiss your lips right now”.

We are excited to hear what instrumental attire the final version of the piece would be dressed in. Would it vibe with the ambient electronic style of Loveeqnx’s repertoire, where her signature unearthly voice shines through? One thing we are sure of – “This is the one. Because you are the one”, as the intro of “3am” lures us into the acoustic elucidation of sensuality.

Filmed by: Lexi Gibson
Cover image by: Liam Lasky

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