Dominic Fike “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” Is a Joy Ride in Sound Heaven

Dominic Fike - What Could Possibly Go Wrong
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It is hard to pin down Dominic Fike’s extravagant style, Versicolor life story, and well-rounded personality, let alone his eclectic music oomph. The Florida-born artist of Filipino and African-American descent is a chase down the rabbit hole of eccentricity, whose mysterious artistic slant trickles down the chain of music hunters. As a result, the horizon of opportunities and worldwide benevolence has opened up in front of the rising star, marked by his signing with Columbia records.

Sometimes life really does take a chance on you. This is the storyline that weavers through Dominic Fike’s music endeavors. His first homemade EP “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos” was released while he was under house arrest, and put him back in jail. On 31st July 2020, the American singer-songwriter released his debut album “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” consisting of 14 tracks. His second shout loud to the music industry also underwent some hurdles in the face of a delayed release due to the death of George Floyd.

Dominic Fike demonstrates a strong social stance when it comes to systematic racism, as well as, police brutality. In tune with the current events, his track “Police & Violence” documents his deep discontent with the system in a somber R&B rhythm with heavy undertones.

But that is definitely not the genre direction that the album takes. In fact, the quirky artist is walking on a shaky ground of vibes and styles jumping between multiple planes of happy pop, boys band impression in “Chicken Tenders” and “Wurli”, synth-pop nuances in “Superstar Sh*t”, raging punk in “Come Here” and indie el Classico in “Double Negative”.

While Dominic Fike is losing on the front of cohesiveness, he is totally standing his ground when it comes to diversity and richness of instrumentals. It is easy to slip down the multicolored and multi-sounded journey across genres and influences that “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” offers. Within this spectacular sound show, there is no space for exquisite lyrics, but thankfully, this is not a requirement in the alt-pop scene. Still, the album is a fun ride in the amusement park, which begins loud and grungy with “Come Here” and finishes off with the smooth and nostalgic hip-hop track “Florida”, giving off a message to his fans: “Don’t take this shit too serious”.

“What Could Possibly Go Wrong” takes its place amongst the Gen Z leading-edge productions, placing Dominic Fike’s eccentric persona alongside contemporary visionaries such as Post Malone and Billie Eilish, who happens to be a firm believer in the musician’s talent. His sultry voice and genre-fluidity are sought-after for a reason and we are ready to hop on the next joy ride that Dominic’s artistic envisioning takes us on.

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