RealYungPhil Applies Major Pressure With His Latest Release “Dr. Philvinci”

realyungphil - dr. philvinci
Photo by @allan.stoops via instagram

Coming off an insanely consistent year during 2021, “RealYungPhil” starts off the new year with the same energy. The Connecticut artist keeps the pressure coming with his latest release “Dr. Philvinci”. Sticking with his same selection of elite producers from past projects such as Dylvinci and Evilgiane, he throws into the mix some different features, sample flips, and of course heavy 808s on this 30-minute 15 track release.

“RealYungPhil” dances on every track bouncing from flow to flow keeping you drawn in for the entire tape. You can see the confidence gleaming from the very beginning with him starting off the tape with the lyrics “We Got Everything We Need, So I Could Just Do What I want”.

Hitting you right from the jump with a strong intro getting straight to point with “Everything We Need”, “RealYungPhil” doesn’t shy away from being the best.  He speaks his life, going back and forth with the beat, flow, and truth. To me personally, he really catches his stride through the middle of “Dr. Philvinci” with the type of bop he brings. But the people’s two favorites might be “Hitting Different” where his delivery, voice, and content hit perfectly with the spacey beat full of pads, synths, and 808s. The other favorite, competing with the intro, might be “Off The Muscle 2” featuring Pasto Flocco, a sequel to “Off The Muscle” from ‘Philvinci” he released a couple of mixtapes prior.

“Dr. Philvinci” gives us another dose of “RealYungPhil”. His dope vibe meshed with the chemistry of his producers blends beautifully to bring out his unique style. Some may consider him cloud rap, trap, drill, or whatever but one thing for sure is it’s almost time to toss those out the window and get ready to consider him a legend. 

Cover image by: Allan Stoops

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