Tuesday, January 22, 2019

If you are an up and coming or established writer/blogger/music journalist that can create beautifully written articles read on.

We are looking for talented freelance contributing writers for Urban Flaiire.

***You will be assigned the content for review and paid on a per piece basis.***

***You can also submit your own original pieces/stories for possible placements as long as it relates to any of the following: music, film, photography, art or anything surrounding the culture. Keep in mind there is no compensation for these types of submissions and you understand that “a submission to Urban Flaiire doesn’t guarantee posting and by submitting content to Urban Flaiire you are giving Urban Flaiire the right to use, post, publish or distribute submitted content at our discretion.” ***

Here’s what we are looking for:

► At least 300-600 words per post (100% Original & Unique) for Short Form Reviews (ex. EPs, Albums and Mixtapes)

► At least 150-250 words per post (100% Original & Unique) for Capsule Form Reviews (ex. Singles and Videos)

► Knowledge of a specific genre (ex. Hip-Hop, RnB, Eclectic, Chill Wave, Pop, Urban)

► Ability to analyze, research and find information on the featured artist.

► Ability to critique songs and videos as well as concept and songwriting.

You should also be able to implement your own creative ideas and voice your opinion. Be yourself and have fun with it. Most importantly when you criticize make sure you are constructive. It’s ok for you to not like everything about an artist as long as you’re positive about it. The main goal is to provide readers with a well-structured analysis about the artist : )


► 0.20 per word

► $60-$120 for short form reviews

► $30-$50 for capsule form reviews

To be considered:

► Please send an e-mail describing your background, along with at least one recent music-related writing sample that is between 150-300 words to jobs@urbanflaiire.com

The subject line should read: UF Writer Application

Afterward, if you are chosen you will be sent a Freelance Writing Agreement to look over and sign.