Flee Continues To Boast His Melodic & Atmospheric Sound In “Happy Birthday Fl33 | TH3 PARTY N3V3R 3NDS”

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The new era of New York Hip-Hop is alive and well. There are a select few that for years has been holding down the state by constantly staying consistent. One that should come to mind instantly is the popular rapper Flee. Following up on his “RATEDSTAR” release flee continues to boast his melodic and atmospheric sound in his annual highly anticipated tape “Happy Birthday Fl33 | TH3 PARTY N3V3R 3NDS”. He adds to his trendy collection of Happy Birthday releases officially making it a trilogy. With his gritty voice blended over dope keys and pads, fire samples, and trap banging 808s from some of the top producers in the game such as Cash Cobain, StoopidXool, evilgiane, Sliick & GRiMM Doza just to name a few, “Happy Birthday Fl33” lets you know exactly where New York music is at the moment and where it’s going. 

Flee lets you know he’s one of the hottest rappers out with songs like “Props” and “Flee City”. He gets into his melodic bag a lot on this new release with songs like “Stripper Music” a vibe song perfect for the kickback or the club or “I Don’t Know/Throwing 100s”, my favorite, where he questions himself about relationships in his usual lit way. “Happy Birthday Fl33” gives you an all-around experience of trap anthems, stripper music, and kickback vibes. Just what you need for the weather coming. Let’s all gather around to celebrate a new chapter. Another Year, Another Goal, Another Accomplishment. Let’s have a toast to the future success of “Happy Birthday Fl33 | TH3 PARTY N3V3R 3NDS”!

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