Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour [Album Review]
Photo Credit: @juliandakdouk via instagram

“When you decide you like yourself, Holla at me!” The dynamic duo Chloe x Halle invite us in yet again to the vocal harmonies that ring throughout their latest project “Ungodly Hour”. The album opens with a haunting intro that drives the listener crashing into “Forgive Me”, a ballad asking for satirically asks “to be forgiven for moving on” it’s an anthem of self-actualization. “Don’t ask for permission, just ask for forgiveness.”

Keeping that energy, the beat picks up with “BabyGirl”. Chloe x Halle reminds ladies (or anyone receiving the message) to do it for the one that matters most, the one who has always been there for you, you! Now that we’ve been empowered, its time to turn up with “Do it”. It perfectly soundtracks the pregame of getting ready to head out with your crew. I could just imagine the montage of changing outfits, approving and disapproving friends sharing cocktails while breaking in between for small choreographed dance moments!

If “Tipsy” was a person, she would be the friend who you tell that someone is bothering you, and she sees that they are “handled”. With lyrics that talk about hiding the body over a drunk, yet cute beat really lets you know there is more to these girls that meet the eye.

This album is a joy ride through the subtleties that are: “coming of age” in our current times. From the exhibitionism of “ROYL” (Rest of Your Life) to the complex emotions explored with “Wonder What She Thinks of Me”, this album has something for every stage and every age. So if you are heading out to a small socially distant gathering, recently in your feelings after some matters of the heart, or just ready for something new, it’s never a bad time to listen to “Ungodly Hour”.

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