Nesta Depicts The ‘Diamonds in The Rough” in “GHETTO YOUTHS Freestyle”

Nesta - Ghetto Youths Freestyle
Photo by @itenji via instagram

The latest single by Nesta titled “GHETTO YOUTHS Freestyle” simply hits the spot. The intricately stylized track resonates with every single heartbeat of yours, it pumps out the electric groove running through your veins.

The track is an eclectic soul-touching medley of irresistible genre interplay. You feel waves of smooth vocal arrangements and urbane insistent beat typical for the R&B style, mixed with some not so typical reggae nuances. Nesta’s upbringing in a Rastafarian culture in Queens, New York shines through his unique musical manner. He also takes after his father who is an admired musician himself.

The subtle combination of R&B and reggae plays out exceptionally well in the lyrics. The quirky artist takes on a very symbolic theme for the R&B genre topic – that of the ghetto lifestyle and cultural representation. Through his flexible vocal abilities, Nesta manages to depict the “diamonds in the rough” scene as real as it is.

Freestyling is definitely Nesta’s own thing and he has hit the nail on the head with “GHETTO YOUTHS Freestyle”. Yet another thread of finesse added to his talent hub after “Shook My Dreads”.

Stream “GHETTO YOUTHS Freestyle” by Nesta:


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