Mariah the Scientist - RIP
Photo by @coughs via Instagram

Directly from America’s music laboratory emerges Mariah the Scientist ’s latest single titled “RIP”, released on May 22, 2020. A potion prepared with much thoughtfulness, soulful taste a dash of bitter-sweetness.

Mariah’s musical endeavors aren’t aimed at the top of the charts, nor have the purpose to empower women, as most female artists would dress their intent in. On the contrary, the Georgia-born singer-songwriter adopts music as a healing tool to mend her deeply wounded heart and collect back her self-power both as a woman and as an artist.

In that instance, “RIP” is not just a random single, but an integral part of Mariah’s whole repertoire. If we pay close attention we will notice that her music mimics a journaling process of healing. Starting with her first single “Reminders” which is grief, moving on to the second stage of depression sorrowfully conveyed in her major label-debut Master, and arriving at acceptance unveiled in “RIP”. I wonder what divine creation the next stages of healing will be manifest into!

This process of creation dictates the tone of Mariah the Scientist ’s music. It is as if we can hear the artist realizing with her pain in “But I cannot sell my soul to prove”, and her settling for love from afar seen through a telescope. Apart from cheeky wordplay, Mariah also relies on beautifully calculated and precise beats and vocals to sing her heart out.

Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us, Mariah.

Listen to “RIP” by Mariah the Scientist:


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