ELYAZ - Wildlands
Endless terrains of hot land, lions, and leopards tucked in-between monumental sand dunes, and reverent eagles overseeing their home. No, this is not an excerpt from National Geographic. This is the imagery that ELYAZ’ latest single “Wildlands” induces.

Now imagine yourself entranced in a tribal dance, surrounded by this picturesque wildlife. Having reached the Promised Land as the lyrics “We’re coming to the wildlands” postulate, the euphoria overtakes your whole body and you let your true nature out. This is The Summer of Love, the EDM Woodstock of Africa, where the headliner is ELYAZ.

The Italian musician, singer and record producer Mauro Elias Morone is headed towards the high-life of the most prominent DJ’s in the scene, such as Martin Garrix and Avicii. His progressive skills are definitely evident in “Wildlands” since the track entails complex music design techniques. This is the second single in which the artist takes the courage to sing himself after “Break the Distance”. And thank God, because he has this enchanting voice which perfectly ties together with the theme of the song. It is no secret that music is running through ELYAZ’ veins given that his father is the esteemed fingerstyle guitarist Franco Morone, as well as, his education in sound engineering.

But it isn’t just the technical savviness that makes him so exceptional. It is the real feel of the music, the transcendental storytelling wavered through every single beat of the song. And while his previous tracks carry the classic for the genre uplifting feel-good nuance, “Wildlands” brings about a distinctive zest, that thirst of a hunter. A musical hunter.

Stream “Wildlands” by ELYAZ:


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