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Tommy Ruhingubugi, artistically known as FRVRFRIDAY, has really taken us by surprise with his latest single titled “Pretty Vanilla”. While we can all vouch for his unmistakable R&B force, especially prominent in his chilling-thrilling EP “WHOISFRIDAY”, his new single is more on the soulful side of things. And no, he is not playing it vanilla at all.

But the girl depicted in the song is. Actually, I don’t think that any other musical style would have worked as well as the mellow sound and soft vocal arrangements typical for the soul genre. FRVRFRIDAY’s intimate relationship with this girl is as chilled as the song’s melody. “This is a ganja-smoking kinda day”, declares the artist. In the haze of their love blues, however, one thing becomes evident: the Canadian musician dares to dream big, while the girl is quite unconfident. And while she is pretty vanilla, FRVRFRIDAY likes “a little drama-ma, drama-ma”.

This verse seems to be a lite motif across his repertoire since this is not the first time we encounter his love for the drama. FRVRFRIDAY perfectly intertwines “Pretty Vanilla” with the rest of his artistic work by referring a versful throwback to his track “Nana”.

Although “Pretty Vanilla” is a more mellow interpretation of FRVRFRIDAY’s creative force, it carries the most important message of all: “You should love yourself!”.

Stream “Pretty Vanilla” by FRVRFRIDAY:



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