Lute’s Latest Single “Life” is a Sincere Love Letter to His Daughter

Lute - Life
Photo Cred: @acjphoto via instagram

Real. Charismatically versed. Sincerely fatherly. Authentic. This is what the latest single “Life” by Lute embodies in the utmost gifted manner. The endowed rapper Luther Nicholson emerged from the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina, where he discovered and honed his musical finesse, only to arise to the big scene and overwhelm the hearts of many under the talent-radar wing of J. Cole. Although he keeps his musical gems rather scarce, Lute always manages to come up with an embellished piece of art that ticks all the boxes and beyond.

“Life” is an autobiographical account of Lute’s life-long game of balance between work, home, and more. When he first got immersed into rapping, he used to write verses on little pieces of paper, which his mother was convinced to be love letters. “Life” is a heart-warming love letter to his daughter, in which he shares the most important life lesson he has learned: “Show my daughter if she fall, it’s cool, just get back on your feet”. Lute’s daughter is a beautiful gift and inspiration to him, and that is evident in all of his work, especially in his latest album “West 1996 Pt.2”.

The artist’s reflective piece is dressed in thought-provoking lyrics and a rhythm that simply flows. Just like real life, it strives to balance a gamut of nuances from on-point rapping to violin arrangements and eerie female vocals, without fail.

“Life” is hopeful and true to self, a mirror to its creator’s humble but yet striking musical force. It is original, but yet emblematic for the Hip Hop goldies, amongst which Lute proudly takes his place as an artist.

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