Young Izz - FAZE EP
Photo by Stew Gives

Last month Young Izz released his new EP titled FAZE. The body of work is proof that he is no longer fazed by the hardships of life. The record shows his growth not only as an artist but as a person, documenting his previous struggles while basking in his newfound glory.

The record has two different sides to it: an introspective one and a more energetic side. The record kicks off with ‘Beatings,’ a dark opening that sees Young Izz caught reflecting about his past. Young Izz introduces himself on the EP with vulnerability, rapping about the areas in life where he feels like he is still battling. Love, a tough childhood, and growing up are only some of the topics he addresses in the track. ‘Beam’ follows suit, but with more grandiose; instead of wallowing in the past, ‘Beam’ sees Young Izz accept where he is now. Looking down his mountain of glory, he calls out his naysayers while promising he did not come by his achievements easily. He worked hard to get to this point, and he wants it to be known.

The second half of FAZE sees Young Izz let loose a little more, bringing in some more energy and even some more dynamics. While the first two tracks embodied a Drake-esque vibe, ‘Soul Searching’ kicks up with a beat ore reminiscent of Playboi Carti. This track’s energy is undeniable; it is well-produced and has a catchy hook to it, making it a key track on the record. ‘Demon Slayer’ has a beat that really goes hard, keeping that momentum going before ‘Fantastic’ ends the record with Young Izz showing off a bit more of his technique.

Young Izz has come a long way, and he lets his struggles and voice be heard in FAZE, which captures his artistic prowess and his personality.

Favorite Track: Soul Searching
Rating: 78 / 100


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