Baby Rose Ignites the Soul on ‘To Myself’

Baby Rose - To Myself
Photo by Nicole Hernandez

As the key enters the ignition, the story begins to unfold. Baby Rose ignites a soul-stirring storyline with “To Myself”. Initial reaction: Chills. A surprising yet satisfying vocal, comparable to the steam off of a cup of hot chocolate against your face on a cold day. That moment right before you take that first sip, that warms your whole body! The production is a savory, sway inducing mixture of blues-infused instrumentation, and rhythmically raspy vocals that literally transports you from your seat to the juke joint in 1940’s Harlem. The producers allow you to be able to taste the best of all the ingredients, the robust vocals, and the piquant tracks. This project serves a heavy dose of relatability. Whether love has fallen fresh on you, or you have felt the keen sting of its bite, Baby Rose delivers lyrics that reflect all the facets of the journey. The listener’s experience is diversified by the mixture of the storytelling on tracks like “Sold Out” and “Show You”, and the raw, stripped-down, heart cry lyrics of “In Your Arms” and “Over”.

This project is a beautiful blend. Like a well-crafted cocktail, it leaves a lasting taste, goes down smooth, and delivers a buzz, and I just want another round of Baby Rose on the house! “To Myself” has an unprecedented impact, and I can’t wait to see where the next stop on the journey takes Baby Rose.

Stream “To Myself” by Baby Rose:


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