Snoh Aalegra Tackles the Duality of Love in “Ugh, those feels again”

Snoh Aalegra - Ugh, those feels again
Photo by Jack McKain

The peaks and valleys of romance are similar to the thrills of riding a rollercoaster. The initial euphoria begins on that rise to the top. The sheer joy and anticipation block out any and all thoughts of your surroundings and what’s waiting for you once you reach the pinnacle. You’re just swept up in the moment. Nothing prepares you for when that drop finally hits. The twists and turns. The ups and downs. All thoughts of turning back are useless. At that point, you have no choice but to ride it out to the very end. Snoh Aalegra tackles the duality of these emotions beautifully on sophomore album “Ugh, those feels again.

The project is broken down into two parts, with Side A addressing the blind ascension into the clouds. “I fall for you every time I try to resist you” Snoh Aalegra admits on lead single I Want You Around. Her vocals are filled with desire, hinting at a woman so smitten for her partner she would do anything to be with them. Standout track “Whoa” finds Snoh Aalegra astonished at how her lover is making her feel. “Don’t wanna leave, I just wanna be here by your side / You make me feel and believe that we in paradise,” she croons.

Sure enough, whatever goes up is sure to come down, and the descent into heartbreak begins on the song “Be Careful.” The chaotic, airy soundscape paints the portrait of a relationship in a state of despair as Aaelgra warns “Try to be careful in a land full of mines / Try to be careful, these are bad times.” While uncomfortable secrets are shared and both partners peel back the curtain into some harsh truths, transparency is obtained — helping Snoh Aalegra finally find “Peace” and true love only acquired when both parties have nothing to hide. “Peace in the night gon’ save my life.” 

Snoh Aalegra’s artistic growth on this project is accentuated by the strength of her vocal performance. The light, piano-driven production is the perfect compliment, letting her voice shine through with the confidence and grace of a tightrope walker. Emotion is felt and even while her relationship is crumbling around her, the tone of Snoh Aalegra never wavers or sounds defeated. The comforting melody reassures listeners that true love will always win out in the end, and this inspiring theme is what makes “Ugh, those feels again” such a rewarding listen.

Listen to “Ugh, those feels again” by Snoh Aalegra:

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