Kennedy Rd.- Summer Drive, Pt. 1 [EP Review]

Kennedy Rd. - Summer Drive, Pt. 1
Photo by Nathalia Allen

Kennedy Rd. entices us with her new EP “Summer Drive, Pt. 1”, as much as we all love the idea of enjoying the warm familiar sensation of summer, as I listened to this EP I had to decide, are we rolling down the windows and cruising through the city on this drive, or are we just turning on the AC again going home?

The candid crooner invites listeners to take their time with “Get2KnowMe”. The new age ballad definitely falls in line with the sound of today’s progressive R&B. Powerful sound and production paired with her light and airy vocals create a soundtrack for a hypnotic session or a slow, long, night of cruising. Lyrically, Kennedy Rd. is really driving (no pun intended) the point home. She isn’t in any rush. Take your time, and get to know her… Which is an imperative factor in creating something special in today’s “swipe left, swipe right” society. My advice if you are riding with a special someone, pull over somewhere scenic, put this track on repeat and let the magic begin.

“We are making it through the night, just hope that you notice, I’m giving it all I got.” Kennedy Rd. wants to get us on her wavelength with “Vibration”. This selection is forward, sensual, and seductive. Filled with a strong sense of feminine sensuality, the singer walks us through what puts her in the mood to vibrate. The producer(s) drenched this track in the moisture from a new summer love’s heat. A “3 days in and it is all so hot” kind of vibe, before the reality of Monday ruining a weekend love affair sets in. Kennedy Rd signs off by fading out “Vibrate with me baby”

“Summer Drive, Pt. 1” will have listeners eager to see what the future holds for Pt 2. Hopefully something a little more insightful to whom Kennedy Rd. is beyond a vibrant sensuality. As far as the Summer Drive, the windows are down, and we are cruising the city tonight, but what will be playing when the sun comes up?

Stream “Summer Drive, Pt. 1” by Kennedy Rd.:


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