Asaiah Ziv Can’t Escape His Demons on “Lie”

Asaiah Ziv - Lie
Photo by Jeremy Mercado via Instagram

Though his new song is titled “Lie”, Asaiah Ziv does anything but.

In fact, the Las Vegas rapper and producer presents his newest emo trap single in such a catchy, yet vulnerable fashion, the listener would be hard-pressed deciding whether to grab the tissues or the tequila. Lines like I’m tryna bring to life what I been dreamin’ / But I been going through it all, that’s why I’m drinkin’” are unapologetically blunt, but necessary in Ziv’s quest to drag you into his own dreary, drug-infused reality. Depression and anxiety can sometimes feel like a never-ending tug-of-war with your own mind, and the excessive consumption of vices act as a short-lived oasis from that pain and struggle. Ziv isn’t trying to glorify these actions, but instead shine a light on the unhealthy effects of mental illness that can impact just about anyone.

Also hidden behind the guise of “Lie”’s distorted, trap-infused beat are Ziv’s struggles with his newly-found fame and negative criticism. He ends his hook with Everybody love you till you show a different side / All of your fucking comments make me wanna die.” In a social media-driven landscape, any troll hiding behind their computer screen can shoot down the confidence of a budding star with just a simple “this is trash” comment. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these artists are human like the rest of us, and consistent hate-fueled judgement on their hard work can have a negative lasting impact on their mental state.

“Lie” is as depressing as it is relatable, and Asaiah Ziv packages it in a versatile way that the track can be enjoyed within the joyful atmosphere of a party or the suffocating confines of a lonely mind. Either way, it’s nearly impossible to deny Ziv’s hard-hitting honesty.

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