Port of Miami 2: Rick Ross Back to Doing What He Does Best

Rick Ross - Port of Miami 2
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During his long illustrious career, Rick Ross has established himself as an icon and a big dog in the rap world. In recent years, he hasn’t released a ton of music, so Port of Miami 2, the sequel to his breakthrough album in 2006 was much anticipated by rap fiends worldwide.  

This one is pretty much what you expect from Rosay – basically, you’ll want to listen to this in your Miami mansion, smoking a cigar on a balcony with sunset views, a glass of rose, and of course, draped in a tailored silk bathrobe. BAWS! 

The album begins with a time capsule back to 2011, to Rosay’s “Hustle Hard” days, featuring MMG partner Wale.  

The Teflon Don has never been the experimental type, but he still has an amazing ear, giving him the ability to create an album full of versatility in lyrics, production, and sound. At times, the production is extremely lush, with cinematic-like instrumentals. The 43-year-old touches on his usual mafioso themes, lavish scenes, and settings, women, but also on deeper topics like his health and his friends who are gone or in jail. No surprises there. 

“I Still Pray”, one of the deeper tracks on this album begins with a news report about the rapper being hospitalized before a soft instrumental begins where he laments his bad habits and prays for better health. What good is all the wealth, shittin‘ on yourself? I’ll give you back the money just to get my health”. 

He might have gone a little overboard with the features; perhaps it’s a rap purist thing, but an album that isn’t stuffed with features is always very much appreciated.  

It’s pretty simple, if you’re a Rick Ross fan, you’re gonna love this one. No experimenting, no gimmicks, just what you expect from the man. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Stream “Port of Miami 2” by Rick Ross:


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