Mula – Reflections [EP Review]

MULA - Refelctions

A common point of focus in the rap underground is the struggle that comes with pursuing music. The obstacles that many rappers face within their environment form a large part of their artistic identity, and Bronx rapper Mula embodies this to the fullest. His latest release, Reflections, offers copious helpings of come-up anthems and consciously tinged trap songs across its 8-track runtime. The result? An enjoyable and relatable tape.

The EP’s intro “Set the Record Straight” sees Mula reminiscing on his journey and triumphs with lines such as “Time was hard, I was smoking loud just to get away/Now my kicks looking icy, I just did a figure-eight” This is all done over a sunny marimba-driven trap instrumental that shines just as much as the lyrics.  Songs like “L.W.T.S.” and “No Time” get more aggressive, while the melodic vibes of “Mile in My Shoes” sees Mula reflecting on poverty and isolation via airy synth-driven instrumentation with plenty of 808 bounce.

Mula takes pride in his artform, describing the process as transferring all his pain into the pad and pen. That introspection sets him apart from his contemporaries and definitely makes me excited for his future material.

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