Flume & Reo Cragun – Quits [EP Review]

Flume - Quits EP featuring Reo Cragun

The textural landscape of ‘Quits’, the latest release by Flume & Reo Cragun, is rich and dynamic. By employing layer upon layer of kaleidoscopic synths, the record manages to be somehow cohesive and constantly surprising. Not to mention incredibly deep grooves that do not quit. 

The title track, ‘Quits’, opens with an acoustic piano and an expansive lead vocal that calls out to the listener over a cavernous divide. Which is perfect for this emancipation declaration – Flume is done putting up with a lover who won’t acknowledge him. The song continues in a cascade of gorgeous synths and a groove that defies the listener to stay still, building steadily but never exploding. Instead, the listener is left with the quiet power of a clear-eyed Flume demanding that which we all deserve but few of us stand up for – open, honest love. 

The following two tracks complete an uplifting musical trio. ‘Levitate’ opens with the promise of a sweetly detuned guitar and a steady beat like a train taking the listener to exciting new places. It doesn’t disappoint – this honeyed promise of a higher love is beautifully produced. The layered synths and vocals, especially in the bridge, make it feel as though the depth of love is all around, even inside, the listener. Finally, ‘Friends’ wraps up the ride with a surprisingly sparse arrangement. The space between the intensely resonant bass and drum hits leaves plenty of time to contemplate Flume’s message about what makes a true friend. Listeners leave this EP with a strong message wrapped up in gorgeous songwriting – if someone isn’t a true lover or friend, it’s probably time to call it quits.

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