KTLN Brings Spice to the Summer with “Senorita”

KTLN - Senorita

In her new song, “Senorita,”­ KTLN rich vocals effortlessly complement a light piano sample as they dance around a soothing synth Spanish guitar and laidback beat. The end result is a slick summery single that’s perfect for dancing after the sun goes down or for activities best done behind closed doors. It’s an interesting track mix that leads with a soundscape that is reminiscent of late 90s R&B and current pop lyrics but is also one that is set apart with its trendy Latin lean.

KTLN, the Florida based singer-songwriter of 909records, serenades with silky, easy flowing rhymes to tell a story of passionate adoration and bedroom pursuit. The crescendo around the three-minute mark switches the song to a breathier tempo and finishes the narrative with an offering of acceptance and satisfaction. Overall, KTLN’s “Senorita” is a chill joint that brings a bit of spice to the slow jam genre.

Stream “Senorita” by KTLN:


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