Dan Crossley Tells A Story of Lust and Desire In New Music Video for “7 Minutes”

Dan Crossley - 7 Minutes

The tale of love and lust is one that continues to characterize the work of many R&B artists today, as it has since the emergence of modern R&B in the mid-1970s. In Dan Crossley’s “7 Minutes”, the first track released from his upcoming EP “Closure”, the 22-year-old singer and songwriter aims to tell his own version of this familiar story. The music video, produced by Fred Cox, illustrates the London-based newcomer’s immediate attraction to someone despite the likely imminent consequences. The track has already received critical acclaim and even snagged a spot on Billboard’s November 2018 Queer Necessities playlist.

The “7 Minutes” video follows Dan Crossley through an underground sex party in a dimly lit home. The first 2 ½ minutes of the video emits a classic, ‘prohibition-era’ inspired vibe with warm hues overlying the scene of elegantly-clad guests. The artist is then shown in bed with two lovers, followed by an intense series of takes flashing back to the party outside. The ending is marked with an abrupt halt in the action and viewers see Crossley and others intently watching a video of another man on an old school video projector. We see the exhausted artist fixated on the man with a blank, longing stare before “To Be Continued” credits flash across the screen. This final scene appears to foreshadow the repercussions Crossley alluded to when describing his own take on the story unrelenting sexual desire, after-effects that the reports will be revealed in his upcoming works.

Watch “7 Minutes” by Dan Crossley below:


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