Young Izz Shows All Sides Of His Artistry on “Long As I’m Here”

Young Izz - Long As I'm Here
Credit: @StewGives

Versatility is the key that unlocks Young Izz’s true talent on new EP “Long As I’m Here”. The Long Island native is a bag of tricks, each track showcasing a different style and sound that fully encapsulates the range and capabilities he has as an artist.

Songs like the rapid-fire opening track “Independent” feel like an adrenaline shot to the heart, a tornado of rhymes that have Young Izz sounding invigorated and ready to burn the whole hip-hop industry down to the ground. Autotune drenched ballads like “Why They Mad” find the rapper teasing the haters and critics who doubted him over trunk-rattling bass and heart-pounding drums. Both variations have Young Izz in the driver’s seat, in complete control of his craft and direction he wants to take the project.

“Long As I’m Here” is both inspiring and cautious, painting the portrait of an artist fully aware of his gifts and talent while also mindful of the snakes and blood-suckers hoping to hold him back from his dreams. “All they ever did was beat me down, but I could never let them keep me down” the wordsmith croons on standout track “Battle Ground”. Young Izz is what you’d call self-made, a wordsmith who “chose to walk alone” and educate himself on the inner workings of the music business, a fact the rapper wears like a badge of honor.

With “Long As I’m Here” clocking in at just 24 minutes, Young Izz uses firecracker rhymes and exploding production to make the most of its short runtime, delivering an EP you’ll want to rewind again and again.

Stream “Long As I’m Here” and let us know what you think about it.

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