Mauj is Honest and Vulnerable in ‘Lose’

Mauj - Lose

“I just need somebody to hold me down when my head is in the clouds.” 

These are some the contemplations that Toronto-singer and songwriter, Mauj, undergoes in her newest single, ‘Lose‘. Drifting along the landscapes of an airy, rhythmic beat, it is not necessarily Mauj’s voice but rather the transparent lyrics that bear the weight of this song. Mauj welcomes listeners into her innermost thoughts, offering us a glimpse into her world and the things that plague her mind. 

At first listen, ‘Lose’ comes off as written in a stream of consciousness, conveying the rawest and most honest feelings this singer is experiencing. As a matter of fact, Mauj shared via Twitter that this record was mostly free-styled. She said, “Most of the song was a freestyle. Kept it that way to capture the realness of how I was feeling.” Mauj’s decision to capture her meditations on life as she experienced them definitely translates well for listeners and offers a unique opportunity for fans to connect with her on a personal level. This record is beautifully honest and sung with great conviction. 

Check out Mauj’s record below:


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