Steff and Lule Emit Hypnotic Energy in ‘Bedroom Talk’

Steff - Bedroom Talk (feat. Lule)
Photo via instagram @steff.vibes

Atlanta DJ Steff gets in touch with his passionate side while maintaining the same hypnotic energy on his new single, “Bedroom Talk.”

With a hard-hitting bassline and hazy vocals from R&B artist Lule, Steff creates a modern house jam that feels like too many vodka shots and bad decisions that will be regretted when the sun comes up. The dance floor energy and dreamy chants of “you gon’ take it off” are opposites that attract, a fusion of two completely different arenas of music that are stitched together beautifully into a musical quilt. The heart-pounding track utilizes an enticing shaker rhythm that will have listeners getting down in the club and in the bedroom.

“Bedroom Talk” is the soundtrack to spilled drinks and sleepless nights, a club anthem with enough pulsing intensity to tear the roof off and an entrancing bounce to get even the most mellow on their feet.

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