Miles from Kinshasa Releases a Sonnet of Contemplation Titled “Wearing Smiles”

Miles from Kinshasa - Wearing Smiles
Photo Cred: @elenacremona via instagram

The urban music scene is constantly craving for something new and exciting. Something which adds a little tweak to the well-known underground sonics and makes us exclaim in satiety: “This is it!”. Miles from Kinshasa appears on the horizon of the ever-evolving music landscape with a bouncy step, quirky looks, and sick tunes. The Congolese-born Londoner has dressed his off-the-wall persona and talented voice in a self-proclaimed genre he refers to as “rumba-pop”.

With so many genres under the blue, it is a shame not to get involved in a little mix and match and offer something new to the big table of artistic ornamentation. This is exactly what Miles from Kinshasa does, and he does it with full grace. His genre is comprised of lively rumba beats, 80s synth-pop, and dexterous sonics. The indie Cuban-inspired electronica which the Londoner has invented shines through his “No Fair, No Way”, his 2017 album “Limbo” and now through his latest single “Wearing Smiles”.

The song carries through a topic that is deeply explored in Miles from Kinshasa’s art and which emerges from the pool of existential millennial perplexity. “Wearing Smiles” is about the fake masks of pretense that we dare not to take off, even the musician himself. The rumba-pop mixed with subtle jazz vibes sonnet of contemplation and realization echoes deep in our souls with the singer-songwriter’s somber voice and poetic lyrics: “I’ve been staying up all night/ Bought the cheapest flight to denial”.

The track perfectly fits Miles from Kinshasa’s quirky repertoire of rumba-pop by once again claiming originality in the urban music scene, and putting a smile on our faces. A sincere one.

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Photo Cred: @elenacremona

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