Ye Ali Sets The Mood on ‘Private Suite 2’

Ye Ali - Private Suite 2
Photo by Donte’ Maurice

Traphouse Jodeci is back. Hide your girlfriends and wives.

Ye Ali needs little introduction. The Indiana native burst onto the scene in 2016 captivating listeners with his silky-smooth R&B vocals combined with delicate trap instrumentals. Think Bryson Tiller with better pickup lines. Alis latest offering Private Suite 2is mostly cut from the same fabric, but with a twist. The project opens with True,featuring an aggressive Ali spitting over airy production occasionally interrupted by gunshots. Vest on my chest, TEC on my lap,he snarls. Ali is quick to remind you that he is far from a one-trick pony and his raw rhymes showcase how multi-dimensional he can become on any given track.

With that being said, Ali doesnt forget to bring the sensual R&B jams fans have come to expect from the artist. Standout cut Show Meis an ode to bedroom foreplay. Song To Get Drunk Tocaptures the wavy 90s vibe in a bottle while delivering a little-more-than-tipsy voicemail to a lover. BTWis a desperate call to an old flame hoping to rekindle their spark.

The most impressive aspect of Private Suite 2 that jumped out to me however, was how seamless the project progressed from track-to-track. Nearly all of the songs clocked in at under three minutes, with some even ending before the two-minute mark. Ali constructed this collection knowing exactly what he was going to say, without overstaying his welcome. The short runtime prevented each track from growing stale and tied everything together beautifully.

Producing for Chris Brown and Eric Bellinger has brought him respect in the music industry, but Private Suite 2 is an impressive step forward for Ye Ali as a solo artist. The sexy 90s R&B atmosphere he possesses is intoxicating and his much-improved rapping prowess, particularly on the track Bigger Than Dreams,proves Ye Ali is absolutely worth your attention moving forward.

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