Che Ecru is Infectiously Raw and Heartfelt on “Ghosts Need Love 2

Che Ecru - Ghosts Need Love 2

The modern music world has no shortage of artists vying to capture a hazy vibe within each song, but not many accomplish the intoxicating haze that R&B singer/producer Che Ecru serves up on his latest project. Titled Ghosts Need Love 2, Che teaches a master class in infectiously woozy alternative R&B and trap. For the duration of a mere five tracks, he brings us some of his most eccentric and forlorn vocal performances to date amidst atmospheric beats that border on otherworldly.

From the onset, we’re hurled headfirst into “WON’T LEAVE YOU,” a perfect opener for the EP. Over (or more accurately within) a smoky organ-backed beat accentuated with guitar, Ecru sings and croons about how he “can’t think of nobody else” expect the girl he so desires. The heartfelt lyricism is delivered with a veteran’s vocal range, Ecru employing a wide range of melodies to incredible benefit. Ghosts Need Love 2 only gets more varied from there. Following the opener is “THAT’S MY BABY,” which continues the theme of Che needing his lover albeit, in a rawer, more carnal manner over a sparse hip hop instrumental. The muted synth and slightly lo-fi percussion allow Che Ecru to glide through with nimble flows and a catchy chorus with lines like “You do it best baby, you know that you been my fave.”  “WET” turns the previous track’s sensual nature to a 10 while “IS YOU UP” incorporates Southern hip-hop-style percussion and looped vocal samples (possibly Che’s own).

Time and time again I found myself entranced by the versatility in both the production and Che Ecru’s performance on the mic, which only adds to the overall replayability of Ghosts Need Love 2. R&B fans need not sleep, this is one that demands to be in a consistent rotation.

Stream “Ghosts Need Love 2” by Che Ecru:


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