NoTMRW Finds Emotional Honesty in “Feeling”

NoTMRW Finds Emotional Honesty in
Photo by @AlbinSjödin via instagram

NoTMRW weaves undefined melancholy in and out of a piano backing in his new single “Feeling”. While the minor chord loop breeds discontent, unease and a hint of despair, NoTMRW’s haunted vocals simultaneously soothe with control, truth and genuine care. This balance is perfectly evocative to the scene the lyrics paint of individuals addressing the current state of their relationship.

The tight snare beat of the chorus centers “Feeling” yearning in an all too relatable turning point of many modern relationships. The purposely vague, but descriptive details of the verses tell a story of distance and the important distinction of reception versus intention. NoTMRW is unconcerned with hashing out the events of the relationship or trying to manage its salvation. Rather “Feeling” showcases the importance of understanding one another through emotional honesty and open communication.

Within the song, NoTMRW seeks to gain the perspective of their former flame to achieve enlightenment in order to gain closure instead of controlling the other person through explanations and actions. The poetry of the lyrics show it isn’t what happened between the two, but how they felt about it. NoTMRW also speaks candidly about how the most uncomfortable status isn’t love or heartbreak, but when two people are stuck in the unknown. Upon listening, “Feeling” is a chill relaxing vibe that is grounded in solace and lightness.

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Photo by: Albin Sjödin


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