Trey Forever – ‘2 Days N’ [EP Review]

Trey Forever - ‘2 Days N’ [EP Review]

Valentine’s Day just passed and relationship woes are still in full swing. But don’t worry, rising R&B musician Trey Forever gets it. The artist embodies the struggles of love and heartache on his new five-track EP 2 Days N. Now, for the avid R&B music fans out there, songs about heartbreak are nothing new; scroll through your playlist and I guarantee most you’ll find more tracks about breaking up, making up, and… well, you know the rest. So what makes this album any better than the rest? After giving it a listen, you may be surprised to learn that each track off the young artist’s most recent album is free-styled. That’s how good he is.

The young St. Louis newcomer starts off the EP with Show You, a simple track showcasing his impressive vocal abilities with lustful lyrics as he longingly pursues a woman he just can’t reach. With every track, Trey Forever seems to dig deeper into the depths of his emotions, devising expressive lyrics on tracks like OMW to You that’ll definitely give you goosebumps. My own personal favorite track, Don’t Let Me Go, brings all his musical talents together with heartfelt lyrics, the most fluid of melodies, and air-tight beats that all flow to create a smooth, relaxing ambience.

Trey Forever has previously described his sound as “escape music” and hopes his songs can be a form of therapy for his fans. With its natural cohesiveness and relatable lyrics, 2 Days N is no doubt one of 2019’s top chill-hop albums so far. I think I speak for all R&B junkies out there when I say I’m looking forward to see what he comes up with next.

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