BERWYN’s Second Single “Trap Phone” Is a Lyrical Cry of a Wounded Heart

BERWYN - Trap Phone
Still image from music video directed by Brock Neale-Roberts

From the deeps of BERWYN’s naked soul and tender heart arises his second wondrous single “Trap Phone” only to poetically retell one of the artist’s sad stories. BERWYN is new to the music scene but he has already gained incredible momentum with his multi-diverse and multi-instrumentalist persona. His first track ”Glory” released in May 2020 is what ignited the spark of his musical triumph and we are now reaping the sublime sound embellishments of his second single.

Although “Trap Phone” is an unmistakable interplay with Drake’s 2015 mega-hit “Hotline Bling”, it is quite not the vibe of the shimmy-shake cheesy contemporary song. Yes, they both have as a centerpiece a phone which unites and separates two individuals, but that is as far as the resemblance goes. “Trap Phone” is a lyrical cry of a wounded heart emanated through a game of somber vocals between masterful rapping and meaningful spoken word. All of that presented on a golden plate of rich assortments such as doleful piano melody, syncopated drums, and echoing cords. To top it up, the accompanying video directed by Brock Neal-Roberts is in perfect harmony with the anguished tone of the track through the blue hues and cinematic features.

“Trap Phone” dances with our deepest pains of the heart in a sentimental R&B ballad. Similarly, BERWYN’s profound voice echoes in our souls and we are awaiting our next dose of tenderness from the Trinidad-born, London-bred artist.

Watch “Trap Phone” by BERWYN:

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