Politically Correct Kanye West?

Politically Correct Kanye?

Some may say he’s at it again, others might say this promotion for a new album. All I say is, let’s take the time to see if Kanye West, one of the greatest artists of our generation, is mentally ok. If you know about the artist Kanye West then you most likely know about some of the antics that made us question his mental stability over all of these years. While most people brushed it off as “just Kanye being Kanye” as time progressed, it seems like we’ve all witness him getting worse. Nowadays, you can’t even have a Kanye West conversation with most people without being forced to bring up his political views or his sanity. Very different from the last decade. Are you able to separate Kanye’s views from his music we’ve grown to love?

From the pink polos to the Maga hats to the switch up to gospel music, Kanye has always been in the media spotlight seemingly questioning everything that we believe in, even ourselves. After pictures and conversations with Trump over the past couple of years, he’s announced he’s running in this year’s presidential campaign under the “Birthday Party” after toying with the idea for some time now. Even with the Elon Musk endorsement, we still have to question how far he can actually get. Even though the rapper has already missed the deadline to qualify for the South Carolina ballot, he still held his first Rally in the same state.

As in normal Kanye etiquette, some questionable words and accusations were thrown around most of the night. The one that stood out to me the most was about Harriet Tubman, the black Moses herself. “She never actually freed the slaves, she just had the slaves go work for other white people.” Kanye says at his first political rally. He goes on to talk about abortion, addiction, his family, and other topics while tears were shed. Quicknote, he does and says all of this while arriving in and presenting himself in a bulletproof vest for the entire night. After all the commotion from the rally, he took to Twitter to vent a bit. Some tweets referred to his wife Kim Kardashian “flying out with a doctor to lock him up”. Another tweet is him comparing his life to the popular movie Get Out, even having a few words for Kris Jenner the mother in law. Look, we all know about Kanye and his theatrics but lately, they’ve been getting more and more erratic and it has the same people who worshipped every one of his albums question his mental health, even their own. Is this all just for an album or do we really need to get him some help? Or is it both? Either way, let’s take mental health more seriously.

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