McEvoy – ‘These Are the Moments’ [EP Review]

McEvoy – ‘These Are The Moments’ [EP Review]
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With music streaming services like Spotify curating millions of playlists based on organized data, it can be challenging for artists to emerge from behind their typifying genre labels. Rising artist Mcevoy seems to be breaking that barrier with his music as he fluidly mixes together R&B, soul, dance, and pop genres on his recent debut album.

The singer/songwriter/producer’s newly released EP, ‘These Are The Moments’, has reportedly been in the works for the last two years, a notion that is 100% confirmed by the refined quality of each and every track. Overall, Mcevoy’s debut EP is quite unique, musically speaking. The melodies are intimately personal and his beats embody the type of ingenuity one would only expect from years of experience. All eight tracks narrate different memories from the artist’s past, each with its own distinct sound.

The EP has a little something for everyone and can be described as a genre-bending album of sorts. Tracks like “Forgiveness” and “5:05 / ‘Same’” offer more of an airy, melancholy sound with smooth, ballad-like vocals about love and lust that leave listeners craving more once the track comes to an end. 

For those looking for a taste of soul and R&B sound, “Something Else For You” shows off Mcevoy’s musical ability with a mellow beat and an unexpectedly unique cadence. Fans of artists like Russ would certainly appreciate this song’s romanticizing qualities. 

Mcevoy’s genre-elusive characteristics as an artist are perhaps best exemplified in his track ‘Yelo’. My personal favorite song off the new album, ‘Yelo’ begins with a delicate piano solo followed promptly by a mix of R&B vocals and soul-inspired vocals that really illustrate his identity as an artist. We will definitely be seeing more of the young musical prodigy in the near future.

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