New Music: Norelle – ‘Homecoming’

New Music: Norelle –– ‘Homecoming’
Photo by Annie Noelker

Just a few weeks from its release, Norelle’s newest single ‘Homecoming’ has quickly become the positive affirmation that we all need. Her lyrics are passionate and inspirational, a record we most definitely can put on repeat. Not to mention, Norelle’s melodic voice and vocal riffs leave us breathless and wanting more. Laid over a 90’s R&B beat, this soulful songstress simply reminds us that “everything will be alright.”

Exceptionally, Norelle welcomes us into her recollection of the good times through a marching band rendition of ‘At Your Best’ by the late R&B artist, Aaliyah. As a matter of fact, doesn’t this intro remind you of Howard Homecoming Weekend? This rhythmic song beautifully prompts us to revisit those joyous and exciting moments in life. It reassures us that more experiences, like those in the past, are yet on the horizon. So, remember, “you ain’t gotta worry and don’t you dare get weary,” because the best is yet to come.

Photo by Norelle

Thank you, Norelle, for reminding us to cling to the beauty of life and allow the tough times to simply propel us forward.

Check out Norelle’s hottest new record below:

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