Have You Heard ‘Halo & Horns’ By Kadeem Lavine Yet?

Have You Heard ‘Halo & Horns’ By Kadeem Lavine Yet?
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Have you heard ‘Halo & Horns‘ by Kadeem Lavine yet? If not then what in the supernatural fawkkk are you waiting for?!? Halo & Horns is straight fireee! Standouts include headbangers such as ’10 P.M. In New York’ which feature guest appearances from up and comers Murda, Young Izz and UwwMoney and ‘OMG’ featuring rising star JUS. On “No Friends”, which boasts a classic Teemonee verse, Kadeem Lavine let it be known that he is not worried about making new friends but more so on making more power moves and bettering himself. Even though all the songs on the project are dope the two songs that resonate with me the most is ‘OMG’ and ‘Peace of Mind’. ’OMG’ is just a complete speaker knocker. When you hear you’ll know why I said that while ‘Peace of Mind’ is a smooth introspective track that puts the listener in a state of reflection. It cuts deep into the soul. Sooo if you haven’t heard ‘Halo & Horns’ by Kadeem Lavine you should do yourself a favor and listen to it…ASAP!

K-Black is still here. Somewhere embedded in me. Everyone goes through changes and I for sure am no exception. I turn 24 on July 8th. Age 23 has been the most pivotal year of my life so far. I’ve learned so much about myself. How to control my emotions, recognize toxic behavior, use negative emotions in a positive manner. This biggest battle in my life is internal and unfortunately I still struggle with it. I don’t view it as a bad thing at all because I know that man that I am. All of us have demons that whether we like it or not, we have to face it. This project contains what’s on my mind. Every song depicts what mood I was in and how I felt at that VERY MOMENT. Opening up isn’t that hard anymore… Thank you to all who were apart of the process Halo and Horns Good and Bad Best and Worst Search me on all major music outlets as “Kadeem Lavine” going forward 😇😈 July 8th. New chapter Much love, Kadeem #HaloAndHorns #SBnoBS Artwork: @tuteimagina

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